Questions & Answers

For people who may be considering a visit to the unmatched beauty of Switzerland, I have some tips and suggestions while you are planning or just pondering. Or maybe if you want to just dream about visiting, you can read these too.

What is the currency used in Switzerland?It is a broad misconception that the Swiss use the Euro. They are not part of the European Union, despite sitting directly in the middle of it, due to their desire to stay out of conflicts of any kind. So the currency that they use is actually the Swiss Franc.

Can you visit in the winter?Wintertime is high season in the Alps! While it may seem more dangerous due to the winter conditions, winter is when the skiing is good.

What should I know about skiing in the Alps?Never venture off on your own. Stay at the resorts, and with people. The Alps are big places and you should never be exploring by yourself. If you don’t believe me, consider that they are only just now finding the remains of hikers that went missing 40 years ago. Also, keep the weather in mind, don’t go skiing during a storm, as you can easily get lost, fall into a crevasse, or get caught up in an avalanche, all which are very bad ideas.

What language do they speak in Switzerland?The most common native language in Switzerland is German, followed by French and Italian. Though English is commonly taught and used, especially in tourist areas or in business transactions.

Is there anything else to do other than ski?Actually, while Switzerland is a relatively small country, there are two very large and major cities in Switzerland: Zurich and Geneva. Geneva is more French while Zurich is more German. Both are very expensive so keep that in mind before venturing there.

How do you get around?Despite the mountain terrain, Switzerland actually has a high-speed and efficient rail system, meaning you can get around quite easily and quickly without too much worry. And the country is small, so it’s not like crossing the United States or anything.

Can you get into nature there or is it all resorts?I actually think it’s easier to get into nature there than the resorts. With hiking and mountaineering available at any turn, and the breathtaking scenery, you can return to nature without any effort at all. Seriously Switzerland is beautiful.

Where is a must-see?If you are thinking about hanging out primarily in one of the cities, make sure you are getting out into the Alps. You will be extremely disappointed if you wind up missing them as they are incomparable in the entire world.

Can you mountaineer in Switzerland?I’m not big on recommending mountain climbs, just because I think nature, especially on a giant snowy mountain, will win every time. You lose, you die. So if you are thinking that you really want to be a mountaineer, be smart, prepared, and hire yourself a guide.