Cervo Zermatt Classy Hotel in Switzerland


Located in the German-speaking area of the canton of Valais in Switzerland, the Cervo Hotel is a boutique hotel that prides itself in welcoming members of any class without scrutiny or scorn.



Zermatt, Switzerland sits at 5,310 feet, at the foot of some of Switzerland’s highest peaks and is actually only 6.2 miles from the 10,800 foot Theodul Pass that borders Italy. The town is known for mountaineering and skiing, though until the 19th century the area was used for agriculture. The first, and terribly devastating, ascent of the Matterhorn was in 1865 and lead to a huge rush for people to take up mountaineering in the Alps and the areas surrounding the village, which lead to the construction of tourist facilities.

The economy is essentially reliant on the tourists, with about half of all the jobs being related to the tourism industry and about half of all the apartments being vacation apartments. Only around a third of the population was actually born there, while another third are expatriates. The other third is the Swiss citizens who relocated to the town at one point or another.

The town’s name is derived from the German word “matten” which means “meadows,” literally translated from Zur Matte, meaning “at the meadow.” It wasn’t really listed on a map until the 15th century, but it seems to have been around much longer, it’s just in the Alps, so it’s not like people were wandering around the mountains and coming there. People really avoided the mountains until mountaineering became a thing.

The Hotel


The Cervo Hotel believes in the hospitality tradition of Switzerland that was happening long before ski resorts and hotels were even open. Given the natural surroundings, I can’t say that I’m surprised. The hotel defines itself by its love of natural and the diversity of its guests. They say that the difference between them and the other hotels in the Alps is their lack of pretention, though that statement itself can come off as pretentious. Regardless, the Cervo prides itself on maintain the tradition of the Alps and not the elitism that seems to have become the norm of the Alps.

With the amazing panorama that is in the town and seen from the hotel, you will be immersed completely in nature. They do have high taste in only providing quality from its design and architecture to the food. And with the view of the Matterhorn in the distance, a stay is certainly going to be unforgettable.


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As Cervo is a boutique hotel, it does not have an immense amount of rooms like some other hotels in Europe can provide. It only has six chalets and 36 rooms and suites, all designed using natural colors and tasteful prints. Each house has its own spa, meaning you can privately enjoy the Alps and luxury at the same time. Someone looking for something fancy may be unimpressed by the lack of “elegance” of the rooms, but they are made to be comfortable and appropriate for the Alps. As it is a boutique hotel, no two rooms are exactly the same and you would really need to call for a breakdown of prices and amenities per room depending on what you were after.

Other Things

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The hotel of course has a spa, restaurant, and hosts weddings and events. Since each chalet has its own spa, the spa treatments there are guaranteed to be private. They have massages, bucket showers, relaxation areas, and saunas, all offering a terrace view of the Matterhorn. This gives you a quieter and relaxing stay than you will find at one of the more expensive hotels.

The place is ideal for weddings. With the amazing restaurant, and unmatched panorama, guests could enjoy a one of a kind wedding. And, since it is a boutique hotel, there wouldn’t be any wedding crashers if you just wound up booking the whole thing.


Switzerland is like a fairytale come to life. The scenery is some of the best in the entire world, and the country is situated between the artistic centers of Europe. With their amazing economy, it is no wonder that Switzerland wants to keep what they hold dear intact and away from the wars happening throughout the world. And, since they are quite secure sitting in the Alps, they really don’t have to engage in war even when it comes to their doorstep.

Author: SwissWellness