A Few Words


Switzerland is like a fairytale come to life. The scenery is some of the best in the entire world, and the country is situated between the artistic centers of Europe. With their amazing economy, it is no wonder that Switzerland wants to keep what they hold dear intact and away from the wars happening throughout the world. And, since they are quite secure sitting in the Alps, they really don’t have to engage in war even when it comes to their doorstep.

That being said, I cannot live in Switzerland which is why I am writing about the hotels of Switzerland. You would have to have one amazing job to move into Switzerland and survive with their astronomical prices and high cost of living. But it you can move there, you definitely should. The accent may take a bit of adjustment, but really that will be easily forgotten once you have taken a look at the Alps.

Sure, you can see the Alps in Germany, Austria, France, and Italy, but the view of the Alps from Switzerland is practically sacred. The towns are completely situated inside of the mountain range, which is really unmatched in the world. Now I do not suggest anyone take up mountaineering. While it is a sport of battling with nature, I think that nature wins more often than not, and unless you really have a death wish, I’m not quite sure what the appeal would be.

While I sit in my scenic, yet certainly not majestic Pacific Northwest house, I find myself daydreaming of the beauty that can be found in the Swiss Alps. It is almost like Tolkien had visited Switzerland and said “ah this is the Elvish paradise I was dreaming of.” Really it is that impressive. And while we cannot all live in Switzerland and it is pricey to visit, I think it should be done if it’s possible.

World travel can never be overdone. Experiencing other cultures will knock you down off your superior high horse and bring you back to appreciating helpful people in an entirely new way. While some journeys should be educational and eye-opening, I think that some journeys are meant to cleanse both your mind and your heart. That is what you will find if you decide to visit Switzerland. You will be able to give yourself a mental reboot. While this is not a luxury that all of us can afford, I think if you can swing it then you really need to. We all need to refresh once in a while lest we take for granted our daily lives and loved once.

But if you cannot get to Switzerland to enjoy it as it is, at least find yourself a coffee table book, scan through it, and close your eyes. Picture yourself being immersed by the cool and pure mountain air. See the Alps with their snow, both beautiful and terrifying. You will not be disappointed, even if all you can do is look at the pictures.