Kulm St. Moritz – the Crème de la Crème of Hotels


When you are traveling through Switzerland, the crème de la crème of hotels is the Kulm Hotel located in St. Moritz. Undoubtedly one of the most amazing hotels in not just Switzerland, but Europe, and even possibly the world, the Kulm Hotel is pretty amazing to behold and if you have the cash, awesome to stay.

The Town

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St. Moritz hosted the Winter Olympics, yes something the Swiss actually do compete in, in 1928 and 1948. The town itself is popular among the elite and the ski resort boasts itself as one of the most expensive in the entire world (and as I’m sure you know skiing is not a sport for the poor to begin with).

The town has existed since the 12th century and was named after the Saint Maurice, who was an early Christian saint who came from Egypt and was martyred sometime around the 3rd century Roman Switzerland. Pilgrims would visit the area to be blessed because of the natural springs that are there.

It has been a winter resort destination since September 1864 when Casper Badrutt convinced some British friends that they should revisit in the winter and if they didn’t like it, he would refund their travel costs. After that, the area developed pretty quickly. The first electric in all of Switzerland was installed in 1878 in the Kulm Hotel.

The Hotel


The exquisite Kulm has been operating for well over 150 years and has views of the St. Moritz Lake. To say that it was a 5-star hotel would be an understatement. The hotel boasts for being the originator of winter tourism in the Alps, originating in 1864.



The hotel offers single rooms ranging from its most basic room in the low season of 335CHF to 735CHF for a luxury single in the high season. The double rooms go from 575CHF in the low season to 1620 CHF in the high season. Then there are the suites. If you aren’t already scared of the prices, keep in mind that the current conversion rate for dollar to Swiss Franc 1:1. The junior suites start at 1185CHF in the low season and go up to 2405CHF in the high season. And the regular suites start at 1850 in the low season to 2960CHF in the high season. And yes those prices are per night.



For those prices you had better hope you are getting something for that money, right? Well to begin with, the Kulm Hotel is situated in the Swiss Alps, providing fairytale views of both the mountains as well as the St. Moritz Lake. The rooms have all been created using amazing craftsmanship in wood and stone pine. The rooms are also furnished with beautiful fabrics that are light in color, giving a sort of playful charm. The bathrooms come with all the necessities to make your stay comfortable and convenient as well.

The Kulm Hotel also has a golf course, called, fittingly, Kulm Golf St. Moritz. They call themselves the “Golf Paradise of the Alps,” with the beautiful landscape and unique high-elevation experience. This is obviously only possible in the summer, as in the winter, the area is completely covered in snow and would make golfing quite the challenge.

The hotel also has its own spa, as I’m sure it would be quite incomplete without one. They have a private spa experience, as well as baths, scrubs, wraps, body treatments, and anything else spa-like that you would imagine should be in a spa. I mean this is one of the most impressive in the entire world, so I would expect no less than high-end spa treatments. To be honest, the prices at the spa, while maybe slightly higher than normal, are not outrageous, considering the location as well as the elite nature of the hotel.

Switzerland is like a fairytale come to life. The scenery is some of the best in the entire world, and the country is situated between the artistic centers of Europe. With their amazing economy, it is no wonder that Switzerland wants to keep what they hold dear intact and away from the wars happening throughout the world. And, since they are quite secure sitting in the Alps, they really don’t have to engage in war even when it comes to their doorstep.

Author: SwissWellness